Why This Foundation? Reduce school dropout, delinquency, violence and substance abuse among young people through the organization of intensive sports educational seminars in a therapeutic setting.

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Why Shaolin?

Shaolin is the birth place of martial arts. It is especially a place where physical and spiritual disciplines meet, with a goal of elevating oneself to our true being. Master Érik Gosselin has been spending a few months every year there for nearly 10 years, aiming to better his understanding of the essence of these disciplines and to transmit this knowledge here to children, teenagers and adults.

Martial Arts

Through learning of chinese martial arts as they are taught in Shaolin, we lead our students to master their bodies and to gain confidence in their skills. The teachings regroup three disciplines, as taught in Shaolin: Gong Fu (Kung Fu), Qi Gong and Taiji Chen.


Zen Center

The Zen Center will be about restoring mind and body. A healthy life style, the balancing of thoughts and an alleviation of anxiety and frustration helps young people to find calm, serenity and motivation to face their daily lives.

Equestrian Arts

Real life experience shows that a Youth to which you entrust the care of a horse, and to which one teaches the basics of riding and leading a horse, increases her/his confidence in his aptitudes and in herself/himself, calming at the same time negative feelings while giving him her/his motivation back to take control of her/his life. It is in that state of mind and with these positive goals that we introduce our students to these equestrian activities.