Why this Foundation

Reduce school dropout, delinquency, violence and substance abuse among young people through the organization of intensive sports educational seminars in a therapeutic setting.

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What do we actually do for Youth and society?

We essentially want to promote continuity at studies for our youngsters, to prevent school dropout, as well as provide support for some youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or current school leavers.

In collaboration with school boards, a selection is made among students at risk of dropping out, having delinquent or violent behavior, with drug problems and temporary stoppage of regular school attendance.

How do we achieve these objectives with our Youth ?

Teaching and stimulating learning effort, courage, patience, humility, respect, perseverance, sharing, transcendence and success in school and extracurricular activities in order to promote reintegration and continuity in the regular academic program among youth.

Who is concerned ?

Following are the main groups and organizations that benefit by collaborating with the foundation:

  • Age group – 7 to 17 years of age – Girls and Boys
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Families
  • Community centers
  • Youth clubs
  • Centre for young offenders
  • Aid organization working for the community